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Video and data solutions for NCAA Division I Colleges

A comprehensive performance analysis solution that meets all video and data analysis needs across every team and sport within an athletic department.

Gain a competitive advantage.

A single solution promotes a culture of knowledge sharing and maximizes collaboration.


Support each team, regardless of status, with elite-level solutions for everyone.


Transparent, consistent pricing makes for easier billing and removes financial guesswork.

See return on
your investment.

Our dedicated support programs deliver strategies for immediate sustained success.

What’s Included in a Department Package

Customize your performance analysis.

Build code windows and output reports tailored to your coaching philosophy.

Live capture from multiple angles

Powerful offline coding tools

Customized scripting capabilities

Seamless Hudl Integration

Screenshot of a code window for coding video of a football match
Demonstration of reviewin video on laptops or mobile devices

Review, share and stream video analysis.

Analyze and distribute content from a single, secure platform that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Centralized library

Video review on any device

Custom video playlists

Deliver instant feedback.

Review performance and make critical adjustments in-game with instant replay.

Video shareable on multiple devices

Sportscode code window integration

Flexible setup for any facility or stadium

Analyze video and stats from all over the world.

The world’s largest football video and stats database.

Play-by-play breakdown of every match

Thousands of players and teams profiled

Dedicated tools for recruitment and analysis

Easy XML integration with Hudl Sportscode

Use the gold standard in volleyball analytics.

Powerful filtering tools

Tags and comments

Insightful statistics

Painless video exchange

The Most Advanced Student-Athlete Monitoring Ecosystem

WIMU is now a part of the Hudl Pro Suite. It’s not just a wearable device, it’s an integrated software solution that aims to maximize student athlete performance while mitigating injury risk.

Get more out of your analysis solutions with these add-ons.

On-demand video analysis services provided by Hudl’s experts.

Code live from anywhere on
an iPad.

Athletic department packages benefit every sport.


Every at-bat is captured with Sportscode and relayed to connected iPads with Hudl Replay. Reports and video are integrated with Hudl for personal review and team collaboration.


Every NBA team and over 400 NCAA Division 1 Women’s and Men’s programs contribute to our open video exchange platform. It includes full player and team stats from Hudl Assist and real-time video analysis via Hudl Replay and Sportscode.


Deliver fast and easy communication with each athlete to improve timing, hand position and release angle for consistent shot making and improved scoring. Coaches use Hudl to provide personalized feedback and performance review with an online and mobile distribution platform.

Cross Country

Prevent overpronation and improve form for better energy efficiency with help from film. Enable direct and custom group sharing for feedback from coaches to athletes. Simplify your team communication with messaging.


Analyze every movement from approach to entry with Sportscode. Elevate your execution with Hudl Replay by giving immediate feedback, and share their performance on Hudl.


Review and improve techniques for attacks and parries via personal and team review sessions. Use messaging features to communicate with your entire team in a single location.

Field Hockey

Analyze passing success, penalty corners and shot results in Sportscode. Make real-time adjustments with Hudl Replay. After the match, share and review film with your team away from your facility on Hudl.


Take film and reports with you everywhere to prepare offline. Have access to the most complete recruiting database, with customizable features that allow you to tailor results to suit your recruiting needs.


Perfect each athlete’s swing with Hudl Technique by measuring angles and studying form. Technique integrates with Hudl to make sharing and video review simple for athletes and coaches alike.


Coaches use Hudl Replay to review and touch up choreography during and in between events. Sportscode has flexible workflows to give you the analysis you want, and the ability to share it with your athletes on Hudl.

Ice Hockey

Use Hudl Sportscode and Coda to track action on every inch of the ice while syncing your analysis to connected iPads for in-game review with Hudl Replay. From there, Hudl makes video and data easily accessible to coaches and players.


Open exchange for NCAA Division I Women’s and Men’s gets you unparalleled access to film on Hudl with data and reports powered by Hudl Assist. Use a single connected platform with Hudl Sportscode and Hudl Replay for in-game and post-game analysis.


Find your crew’s swing with the help of video. Hudl facilitates easy performance review and preparation for sharing important moments with your team.


Review every detail from each phase in-game with Hudl Replay with custom analysis from Hudl Sportscode, or take your analysis offline with Coda. Integration with Hudl makes it effortless to share and collaborate with your team.


Show your athletes the slopes from outside of their goggles. Hone in on balance and agility techniques by giving one-on-one feedback or full team review on Hudl.


High-performance video and data is available on one connected platform. Leverage in-game decision making with Hudl Replay. This is then captured and analyzed with Sportscode, reviewed on Hudl, and distributed to recruiters all over the world.


Revisit each pitch with Hudl Replay, tag important actions using Sportscode and view it with handheld devices through Coda. Share it with your team with our easy-to-use Hudl platform.


Share video and messages on Hudl to keep your team in sync to provide athletes with direct feedback to execute and optimize highly technical strokes.


Hudl offers clear video feedback for every athlete with personal or custom group sharing. Matches can be analyzed utilzing Hudl and coaches can also utilize technique to help athletes perfect mechanics during individual work.

Track and Field

Hudl offers clear video feedback for each athlete in any event, with personal or custom group sharing. Simplify your team communication with messaging to simplify group personalization.


Video and data is available at game speed with Volleymetrics, Hudl Sportscode, and Hudl Replay. When integrated with Hudl, distribution and communication for team and athlete film review occurs on one connected platform.

Water Polo

Sportscode allows coaches to capture key moments and data points during the fast flow of play in a water polo match. Hudl then allows coaches to collaborate on, store and share film.


Use video to slow down matches, master footwork and generate explosive attacks and takedowns. Share and review with your team, individuals or custom groups to create more teachable moments on and off the mat.

Tailored Support Program

Two analysts using Sportscode on laptops and an iPad

A detailed audit report is delivered following on-site visits to assess equipment, facilities and individual team workflows.

A goups of analysts meeting with an expert from Hudl

An education program is devised and delivered with a blended approach, combining self-paced basic training, a Sportscode essentials workshop and individual team training.

The Hudl product team planning new features

End-of-year retrospective and forward planning sessions are held annually to create a partnership focused on a sustainable and world-class standard of video analysis and operations.

Provide world-class analysis tools for every team.

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Hudl Academy Lms Dashboard on a laptop

Learning Resources for Users at Every Phase

Hudl Academy courses are available on-demand and offer product, role and sport-specific content and certification. These resources are available to new and existing customers who want to improve their technical analysis skills.