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Your home for telestration.

Hudl Sportscode users can quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in your video packages, all within one ecosystem of products.

On-Demand Webinar

Three Ways To Power Your Analysis with Studio

Watch our on-demand webinar with Regional Director of Customer Solutions Austin Fuller who showcases how you can enhance your high performance workflow with Studio. (Viewing Time: 24 mins)

Studio, our new advanced, easy-to-use telestration solution.

Save Time

Studio opens right from Hudl Sportscode for hassle-free, two-way sharing of video and graphics packages.

No need to export, import or realign video

Automatically sync multiple angles

Seamlessly pull team data from Wyscout


There’s no longer any need to manually track players with graphics. Simply highlight the player and computer vision will do the rest.

Broadcast-quality graphics

Automatic chroma keying

Auto calibration of clips

Wolfsburg Video Analyst - Tim Cezanne

"Studio highlights the quality of our work enormously, especially when working with the trainer team, but also with respect to the players. We now have the option to make our thoughts, our ideas, more tangible to the players in another way."

Improve Communication

Improve communication with players through enhanced visual feedback in multiple angles.

Built for analysts and coaches

Coaches can live telestrate video clips with coach mode

Free with Hudl Sportscode (Elite)

“The big thing is how time effective it is.”

Andrew Findley

Senior Performance Analyst, Norges Fotballforbund

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